The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) has been around since 1981 with an estimated 50,000 students having completed the programme.

YES is run by the Young Enterprise Trust and provides Year 12 and 13 students with a yearlong practical entrepreneurial experience where they get to form and operate real companies, the best of which are recognised at annual awards.

The programme is delivered in partnership with 21 regional co-ordinators, most of whom are associated with chambers of commerce, economic development agencies and others via private trusts/foundations.

We believe that the future economic prosperity of New Zealand depends in part on graduating enterprise capable and financially literate students. Growing the alumni and profiling your stories will help promote this fantastic scheme to all kiwi students.

So here’s your chance to help YES help kiwi students by raising the profile of the scheme and inspiring more students to participate and develop into early entrepreneurs.

If you are a YES graduate or know of someone who is, register online here.

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